Sustainable Stashing Workshop On Demand 2023

Course Summary

This ondemand workshop expands on the information shared
in my  lecture on Sustainable Stashing.

This ondemand workshop takes a deeper dive into  techniques for living  a more eco-conscious life as a quilter.

This is NOT about going on a crash 'no buying ' diet.  That isn't realistic for most of us.
This  is not focused on only using repurposed  fabrics -- although that can be one of the strategies that you can use!

Instead, I show ow  we can really USE the stash of wonderful fabrics that we already have in our homes.    We love fabric--we buy it--and yet we do not use it?    We make quilt tops--or at least start them.  And then, they too sit in our closets.

We need rulers and  other tools--but do we need ALL  of them? Which ones do we use regularly?

In these video lessons, I share practical tips and strategies that can jump start or re-energize your commitment to 'Sewing Your Stash'.  These are small steps that can lead to BIG changes and deepen your satisfaction  with your quilting life.

There's also an online community that you can  pop into to get even more ideas.  Best of all, we can share our  small wins and big steps and cheer each other on.

Course Curriculum

Carole Lyles Shaw

Carole Lyles Shaw is an award winning modern quilt designer, author and workshop teacher.  Her virtual workshops are lively and engaging for modern and traditional quilters of all levels.  Her students say that Carole inspires them to be more creative and successful quilters.  Carole started quilting over 20 years ago when she decided to make quilts for her nieces and nephews.  She was mentored by the heirloom quilters of the African American Quilters of Baltimore.

Carole was featured as one of five designers in the Makers Issue of American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine (August 2021 issue). 

She co-founded the Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild and served on the Board of  Directors of The Modern Quilt Guild from 2015-2017.  Carole is the author of Madly Modern Quilts and Patriotic Modern Quilts and modern quilt patterns. 

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