Poetic Inspiration Cohort 1

Small Group Intensive

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Cohort 1

$350 USD

Course Summary

 There are many, many ways to find a source of inspiration for visual art of any type.    We look at photos, or even the work of other artists that we admire.  

But...have you ever thought of using a POEM  to inspire a quilt design?

In this workshop, we will explore ways to use a poem to find design ideas and a color palette that could result in one or a series of quilts.  

You will work from a poem of your own choosing.   Everyone   will be creating a uniquely expressive textile artwork.  

Maximum enrollment: 15 individuals  

Here are answers to questions that you might have:      

***Where do I find possible poems?  I will share sources in advance of our first session.    
***Can I use a poem that I wrote or an unpublished poem by a friend?  Of course!!    
***What if there are no 'colors' mentioned in the poem?  During Session 1, I will show you how to find colors in the language.  
*** Will we have to use a particular technique to make our projects?  No, you are free to use any technique that fits your design--including modern traditional, fusing, improv piecing, curved piecing, etc.  


All live activities will be held on Zoom.  

Class materials and recordings will be hosted in our private classroom.  

Live Group Sessions will be held on the schedule shown below.  All group sessions will be recorded.      

Session #1: Preparation. Selecting a Poem.  Demo on finding design inspiration including selecting color palette    
Session #2: Sewing Session and Group Discussions    
Private Community for ongoing discussion, feedback and sharing (Zenler Community, not Facebook)  

  Sessions will be held on dates and time below and  will be recorded. Recordings and Community site will be available until July 30, 2023.  

Session #1: Monday, May 15, 2023 from 7 to 9 p.m. Eastern
Session #2:  Saturday, May 20, 2023 from 12 noon to 4 p.m. Eastern

Course Pricing

Carole Lyles Shaw

Carole Lyles Shaw is an award winning modern quilt designer, author and workshop teacher.  Her virtual workshops are lively and engaging for modern and traditional quilters of all levels.  Her students say that Carole inspires them to be more creative and successful quilters.  Carole started quilting over 20 years ago when she decided to make quilts for her nieces and nephews.  She was mentored by the heirloom quilters of the African American Quilters of Baltimore.

Carole was featured as one of five designers in the Makers Issue of American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine (August 2021 issue). 

She co-founded the Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild and served on the Board of  Directors of The Modern Quilt Guild from 2015-2017.  Carole is the author of Madly Modern Quilts and Patriotic Modern Quilts and modern quilt patterns.